March 16, 2020

To our valued patients:

The events of the last couple of weeks have truly been extraordinary.  During the last few months, a pathogen known as a novel coronavirus (Covid-19) has spread across the globe and has affected many countries and almost every continent.  During the past twelve weeks we have learned a few key facts:

Covid-19 is extremely contagious through sneezing and coughing (droplet) transmission and can be present on objects for a time ranging between hours and days.
It has a relatively long incubation period and for some individuals, they can be infectious for days with relatively mild symptoms.
The severity of illness is extremely high for individuals over the age of 60 or those have a compromised immune system.  For CDC classifications, that includes individuals with chronic kidney disease.

Given these facts - which are not in dispute and have been verified by multiple health organizations around the world - many local, state and national governments have taken unprecedented steps to avoid transmission to slow the spread of the disease.  In addition, many of these agencies have also warned those who are older about the severity of illness.  For these reasons, we feel an obligation to protect our patients from being put in potentially dangerous situations of viral infection not to mention help promote public health by encouraging our patients to stay at home and avoid the virus.  For these reasons, we are temporarily closing our office locations to comply with recommendations so far, by our governor and the CDC.  We will offer televisits or telephone visits – which ever our patients would like – and will try our best during this difficult time to continue to provide outstanding kidney care.




Drs. Asgaonkar and Krishnamurthy