Dr. A and His Professional Staff:

"All, I just wanted to commend you Dr. "A" and your very professional medical staff.  This was my first time in your office and it was a very impressive one I might add.  I am a fan of this web portal and you guys "ROCK!!!"

Kind regards, 

Dr. A and Dr. K

February 14

This Valentine's Day I'm celebrating my Mom. In the words of her EMS drivers, "She's one of the strongest women I know. She's able to do dialysis at night while she sleeps, then get up for work at 4am!"
This is not the Valentines I had planned, but I'm very thankful that I'm able to spend it with her. I'm also celebrating her having very good Nephrologists. Dr. A and Dr. K are both very good at they what they do. They are able to explain things in terms we both understand. The staff at their office is very caring. They're always there to support my Mom and our family, even on the weekends. Thank you Celena and Brenda! To my friend, I could never thank you enough for recommending them to us!! Anyone in need of a kidney doctor, Star Nephrology in Corinth is the place to go. They also see some patients in Gainesville for certain conditions.